What can you do in one year?
MMX was an art experiment that happened in Berlin, Linienstrasse 142/143 in 2010.
Given the opportunity to use an ex-squatted and abandoned building
in the center of the commercial art district, Mitte.
The project started in October 2009, after three months of intense renovations
on the 1000 sq M gallery space, MMX Open Art Venue started with the
New Year on January 2010, using a one year deadline to push the idea forward
and use the space to its full potential in finding alternative ways to show international work.
During the last year the MMX Open Art Venue worked with over 200 international artists,
installed 8 exhibitions, curated 4 screening programs, and hosted countless artists talks,
workshops, performances, panel discussions and cultural video exchanges.
Besides international exposure, they also worked with the local community as a creative
resource. The One Year One Book tells the full story of this temporal art space.

The former MMX Team founded Co Verlag in 2011.

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